Make the most of your digital QR code

Great work – you’ve put your G’day windows sticker in your shop window and displayed your other signage on your footpath sign or in-store, but did you know you can use your digital QR code to further attract and engage with your Chinese customers?


Increasingly, consumers begin their research online for products, services and experiences. Adding your QR code to your website’s home page is a great way to instantly indicate to Chinese consumers that your business has made an effort to communicate and engage with them in their own language.

Scanning your online QR code will benefit Chinese students and residents who are conducting research for their own travels, or preparing to play host for family and friends visiting from China.

We supply your QR code in various sizes and layouts. If you would like help with a custom size or style to suit your website, please contact our team –

Example: Our friends at Otway Fields have proudly displayed their QR code on their website.

Marketing Material

When we talk marketing material we refer to all types, shapes and sizes, and both printed and electronic versions. Australia’s adoption of QR code technology has been slow however its use has steadily been increasing – driven by the fact that QR codes are commonplace in Asia. Don’t get left behind, start using your QR Code today!

Examples of where you can use your QR Code:

  • Posters, pull up banners, corflute signs, A-frames
  • Flyers, pamphlets, brochures, postcards, rack cards, menus, loyalty cards
  • Don’t forget your business card!

Social Media

Including your QR Code on your social media sites should be part of your overall marketing strategy. This is incredibly important if your business doesn’t have a website. When people try to find you online your social media account also generates content and helps you get found online.

Email Signature

And lastly, don’t forget to add your QR Code to your email signature. You never know whose eyes your email lands on, it could be one of the 700,000+ Australians who speak Chinese at home or one of the 150,000+ Chinese students studying in Australia.

Need help?

Your digital QR code was sent via email as an attachment. If you have misplaced the email or have any questions about your digital QR code please contact us.