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Is your business Chinese friendly?

Australia is fast becoming the destination of choice for travel, study or living for many Chinese people.

With a G’day Friends package we can help you to better communicate and serve Chinese customers.

With our trademark logo on your QR Code signage, you are demonstrating to Chinese customers that you welcome them into your store with open arms. They can scan your unique QR Code that directs them to your online business profile which is in both Chinese and English.

Our online business centre is jam-packed full of learning resources to help you and your staff better serve your Chinese customers.

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Display your G’day Friends QR Code signage and let customers know you are Chinese friendly

G'day Friends logoG'day Friends logo
Pronounced Huānyíng Péngyǒu
Huānyíng Péngyǒu translated to Welcome Friends

What’s included in a G’day Friends membership package?


Online Business Profile on various devices

Displayed in both Chinese and English

When customers scan your G’day Friends QR Code sign they are directed to your online business profile. Your profile can be viewed on all devices via the G’day Friends website.

Your online business profile includes:

  • Description of your business
  • Products, services and/or features of your business
  • Upload photos and a video
  • Make a special offer
  • Google map and directions
  • Contact details
  • Social media links
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QR Code Signage Pack

Welcome your Chinese visitors into your store with our trademark ‘Welcome Friends’ displays.

Your G’day Friends sticker identifies your business as Chinese friendly and helps break down the language and cultural barriers. We’ve also included a Chinese phrases ‘cheat sheet’ to help you and your staff learn a few of the basic greetings.

Your QR Code signage pack includes:

  • Window sticker
  • Counter tent card
  • Laminated signs (A5)
  • Digital QR Code
  • Chinese phrases ‘cheat sheet’
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Learning resources and support

Your G’day Friends package includes an online account with access to over 50 learning resources that can help you and your staff to better serve your Chinese customers.

For any questions, help or confidential advice use our handy ‘ask the team’ form.

The learning resources cover a large range of topics including the tourism market segment, how Chinese customers research and find (as well as buy and pay), customer needs and preferences, language and written characters, industry essentials and technologies used by Chinese customers.

Learn how to be more Chinese friendly and get ahead of the competition.

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QR Codes

What are they and how do they work?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code and they act a bit like a barcode and hold important information in the dots you see.

By using a smartphone, customers scan the QR code which redirects them to your online business profile,

How to scan your QR code
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Colac   |   A G’day Friendly Community

Colac was the first community to be accredited with the Colac Otway Shire and Colac Chamber of Commerce leading the initiative to be ready to serve for the Chinese New Year commencing February 5th 2019.

Write It Yourself G'day Friends packageWrite It Yourself G'day Friends package


G’day Friends Package

Do you have a way with words?
Are you great with grammar?
And are you crystal-clear on your business’ most attractive attributes to Chinese customers?

Cut to the chase and write your own profile! We’ll get it translated and uploaded to the G’day Friends website, and provide you with everything you’ll need to bring in more Chinese customers.

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G’day Friends Package

Too busy to write your own profile, or not sure what will be most attractive to Chinese customers?

Let our expert copywriters do it for you! We’re experts at identifying (and conveying) the elements of your business that will excite and motivate Chinese customers. We also streamline the translation process and ensures maximum clarity for your guests.

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We Write It G'day Friends packageWe Write It G'day Friends package
Premium G'day Friends packagePremium G'day Friends package


G’day Friends Package

The full package – for business owners that are serious about capitalising on the growing Chinese customer market. Our experts take care of everything for you, and we provide additional signage tools that will further showcase your business as Chinese-friendly so you maximise all opportunities.

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5 Keys to Chinese Customer Success

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