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Is your business Chinese friendly?

As Australia fast becomes the destination of choice for travel, study or living for many Chinese people, G’day Friends is helping businesses to better communicate and serve Chinese customers.

By displaying your G’day Friends signage on your storefront, website or marketing material, you are demonstrating to Chinese customers that you welcome them into your store with open arms. They can scan your unique QR Code that directs them to your online business profile which is in both Chinese and English.

Why not try scanning the code below and be taken to our online business directory.

G'day Friends window sticker

Example signage
With our trademark logo and a unique QR code

Our online business centre is jam-packed full of learning resources to help you and your staff better serve your Chinese customers.

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Display your G’day Friends QR Code signage and let customers know you are Chinese friendly

G'day Friends logoG'day Friends logo
Pronounced Huānyíng Péngyǒu