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The Chinese Characters are pronounced “Huānyíng Péngyǒu”. In English, this translates to “Welcome Friends”. By using our trademark logo on your storefront, you are demonstrating to Chinese customers who see your sticker that you welcome them into your store with open arms. are looking to help Australian businesses attract, engage and delight Chinese customers. Your Chinese customers may include tourists, international students or Chinese born residents.

In the 16/17 financial year, we had 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited Australia and spend on average 3 times as much per visit as our other visiting countries. This figure is forecast to increase significantly over the next few years.

In addition, 3.5% of the Australian population speak Chinese at home and we are home to over 150,000 international students.

By not taking steps to attract Chinese customers, you are missing out on some important business opportunities.

QR (short for “quick response”) codes may not have been adopted with much enthusiasm in Australia but in China, QR codes are everywhere. They are used by major retailers, street markets and even beggars and buskers. It will be second nature for your Chinese visitors to scan your G’day Friends QR code on your storefront, website or in-store signage. Most major smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner available but also available from your app store and other major social media apps.

For non-English speaking visitors, the prospect of entering a business in Australia can be daunting. Your G’day friends sticker identifies your business as “Chinese friendly” and helps break down the language and cultural barriers.

With a simple scan of your personalised QR code, Chinese customers will be able to easily read and understand everything they need to know about your business and help them purchase items.


By buying a package you are joining and opening yourself to thousands of new Chinese customers each year who are either visiting or living in Australia and cannot speak English. You are helping to make them feel more comfortable.

Each package consists of a once off set-up fee plus an annual membership subscription of $98. Click here to view full package details and costs.

Your Welcome Package comes with an online profile which will be professionally translated for you. Your online profile includes the name of your business, description of your business, 10 products/services that you would like to promote, photos, contact details including a listing for your social media and the ability to make a special offer to your Chinese guests. Your profile will be listed in our online directory.

You will receive your own unique QR code signage pack which contains a window sticker, tent card, laminated cards and a digital QR code for you to use on your website and other marketing material.

Chinese phrases ‘cheat sheet’

Membership to our Business Centre for you and your staff to access our online training material.

Of course! The vision of is helping every Australian business attract, engage and delight Chinese customers. Research has shown there is a new breed of Chinese tourists that are shunning the large tour groups in favour of distinctly Australian sights and experiences. The desire for this unique experience is taking tourists off the beaten path and into more rural areas.


We will translate your business description, the 10 products/services you have supplied and the special offer you available to your Chinese guests. All other profile information will remain in English.

We used certified Chinese translators for all tasks. Feel free to get in contact with us for any specific questions you have regarding our translating service.

At this stage, we only translate into Mandarin.


Yes, the learning resources will be updated as required. You will have unlimited access to all the online resources for as long as you maintain a membership with