Understanding QR Codes

QR codes were first introduced in 1994 by a Japanese firm (Denso Wave Inc.) for the sole purpose of tracking vehicle parts. This technology is now used worldwide and is a great way to connect the physical world to the digital one.

QR codes are amazing technology and easy to use. Think of a barcode, only better.

Scanned by any smartphone

To scan a QR Code, you no longer need to download a third-party QR Code scanner. A lot of smartphones these days, such as iPhone and Samsung, come with a built-in QR code scanning feature. The majority of smartphones have this feature connected with the camera, however you may need to enable the QR code function under the camera settings.

Try it with your own smartphone
Scan the QR code below and be redirected to the G’day Friends directory.

They can perform multiple actions

We use the QR code to directly link your Chinese visitors with your online business profile – but did you know QR codes can perform multiple actions such as:

  • Redirect to a website (that’s us!)
  • Dial a number
  • Scan a Vcard (digital business card)
  • Log in to Wi-Fi
  • Send an email

Designer QR Codes

QR Codes don’t need to be plain black-and-white in order to scan them. A QR Code can be made visually-appealing by adding colour, logo, or an image. We are constantly looking of ways to improve the appeal of the G’day Friends digital code for you to use on your website and marketing material. Speak to our team today for options we can provide you.

Fun Fact: In Seattle, QR codes are inscribed on gravestones, with a quick scan you can read the detailed information about the deceased person supplied by the family, e.g. tribute page, family tree.

If you have any questions about QR codes or how to scan get in touch with our team today – info@gdayfriends.com.